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Quest: To kill the resurrected Jow Botzian zombies produced by a young wizard's wayward spell.

Current goal: [70,125]

Participant 1: Ermine
Position: [96,125]

Participant 2: tinkywinky
Position: [277,268]

Participant 3: beaver
Position: [70,278]

Participant 4: murphy1701
Position: [70,252]

Quest Map:

[Questers are shown in blue, current goal in red]

Idle RPG Quest Map
Ermine tinkywinky beaver murphy1701




Note: This RPG is sponsored and ran by LostIRC Network and holds no responsibility if you may occur the following while playing. Frequent anxiety, being-on-the-edge-ness, fractiousness, fraught-ness, uptight-ness, being-a-live-wire-ness, emotional outbursts, being overly defensive, rages, tantrums, sabotaging behaviour, mood swings, restriction of thoughts, stress induced headaches, personality inconsistencies and so on…